Maciej Stanisław
Mikrut - Bio

2021 - 1987

Key Projects TimeLine

Present - 2020

BOOKME Limited

Serverless Web App with Blockchain Backend, 
Proof of Concept.
Ethereum Smart Contracts, Hyperledger, SOLID and IPFS
Progressive Web App, Android App, iOS App
Polymer Web Components, Javascript, CSS/SASS, Java, Swift , Google Cloud Platform Backend Deployment, Node.js, Firebase

Present - 2013

CyberOne Limited HK

President and CEO

2018 - 2015


Mobile Virtual Telco Billing Platform ( Prepaid / Postpaid )
Platform and Web Portal Development & Integration , Backend & Voice/IP Network Deployment - Apache Tomcat, Java, Python, Ruby, Pearl, PHP/HTML5/Javascript/jQuery 
Advanced AWS Virtual Private Cloud Solution Deployment

2017 - 2012

ALDI Mobile - Call Center

Customer and Product Support
Project Management, Voice/IP Network & Systems Integration .
2014 - 2012

Telco Blue - Call Center

Customer and Product Support
  Project Management, Voice/IP Network & Systems Integration.
2013 - 2012

Kogan Mobile - Call Center

Customer and Product Support
  Project Management, Voice/IP Network & Systems Integration .
2013 - 2005

ISPone Pty Ltd

Development of VoIP Call Center Solution
Telco Grade, Self healing & redundant IP PBX Cluster Development, Enterprise Grade Voice & IP Networks rollout, International Points of Presence & Datacenter deployments in AU, US & PH


(Mobile Virtual Network Operator) Open Source Software integration
 consultancy to a large Telco .
2003 - 2020

Large Telco

Convergent Voice and IP Networks consultancy for a large Telco

2002 - 1997

CyberOne Pty Ltd

CyberMerchant e-Commerce and Shopping Basket Solution - Fully integrated with National Australia Bank credit card payment gateway - Linux, Apache, msql & msql-lite scripting language .
2002 - 1996

ISPsys Pty Ltd

development of first cloud based ISP Billing system in Australia
Prepaid/postpaid billing, Customer Web Portal, 
“ISPnix” Telco-grade server cluster solution including DNS / Web / DB / Proxy / Traffic Manager / Content Filter

Virtual ISP in a Box

VISP Box) prototype project for Telstra, Australia .
2000 - 1996

CyberOne Publishing

Project Management of Web Design and Hosting   projects for for multiple customer (see list), such as:  
~ Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia.
~ Australian Medical Association  
Minister for Industry Science and Tourism
~ Australian Local Government Association
~ Family Planning Association of Australia
~ National Council of Churches in Australia
~ Australian Early Childhood Association

1996 - 1995

OnAustralia Network

Content Partner with Microsoft Network.

Virtual Arts Gallery and ACT Online portals

1996 - 1995

Mortgage Terminator & Options Trade Advisor

Financial Modelling Application Development
Turbo C/C++, Clipper, Funky, DBASE4 .
1995 - 1989

Integrated Statistics Processing System (ISPS)

Australian Bureau of Statistics, Computer Services Division
  Systems programming, Project Management
  ICL 1900 Mainframe, Unix, Windows, C/C++
1989 -1987

Integrated Economic Statistics Information System (IESIS)

Australian Bureau of Statistics, Industry Censuses Division
System development and programming
CDC Cyber & IBM M780 Mainframes, COBOL .

Maciej’s corporate experience dates back to 1995 when he was a founding member and Managing Director of CyberOne Pty Ltd, a pioneer Internet Service Provider located in Canberra, the capital city of Australia.

CyberOne has quickly become a leading provider of technology, Internet and telephony solutions to thousands of local businesses and government customers before expanding nationwide. The business provided web design, hosting and Internet integration and access services to prestigious customers such as Governor General of the Commonwealth of Australia, members of the Australian Parliament, Australian Medical Association and Government departments, including the Department of Defense.

With Maciej at its helm, in 2009 CyberOne expanded its operations to Asia, where it established its head office in Hong Kong and its own call centre in Manila (Philippines), and began handling Customer and Technical Support for a number of Australian ISPs and Telco companies. CyberOne’s clientele has grown and the company now provides business process outsourcing services globally, across various industries.

Maciej has also been involved in customer service and systems development for a number of large customer projects including Australian brand names ALDI Mobile , Kogan Mobile, ISPone and Telco Blue.

Maciej is also heading product and IT development for startups BOOKME Limited (Hong Kong) and Emveno llc (USA).

~ IT Project Management
~ Corporate Governance
~ Administration and Finance

~ Progressive Web Apps (PWA) Development utilising Web Components Technology
Web: HTML5, Javascript, PHP, Rails, Angular, jQuery, Laravel, React, Vue, Polymer
Backend: Linux, Apache/Tomcat, Nginx, Firebase, Node.js, AWS, GCP
~ Android, iOS, Windows/MacOS Apps Development and Deployment
~ AWS/Google Cloud IT Systems Integration
~ Data Center deployments & management
~ TCP/IP WAN/LAN - redundant Intranet & extranet deployments
~ Database developments and integration
~ Unix server clusters/systems development, integration and maintenance
~ Kernel & Unix OS programming / development
~ Operating Systems - Unix, Minix, BSD, Sun Solaris, Linux, Cisco IOS on both routers and switching equipment, Zebra/Quagga Routers
~ Mainframes: CDC Cyber, IBM M780, ICL 1900
~ Programming in Pascal, Lisp, Fortran, Cobol C/C++, Java,, Python, Ruby, Pearl, BASH, PHP, HTML5, CSS/SASS, jQuery, Javascript
~ Internet Routing Protocols: BGP, OSPF, RIP
~ Transmission: Serial, ISDN, Ethernet, Frame Relay, ATM , Protocols: PPP, TCP/IP, IPX, SPX, HDLC,
~ Services: Telnet, SSH, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, NNTP, Radius, SMTP, POP3,
~ Databases Oracle, Interbase, Ingres, Sysbase, MySQL, Postgress, Mongo, Firebase 


University of Canberra, Australia

Masters in Information Technology, 1987 - 1991
Bachelor of Science in Computing, 2004 - 2005 

Technical University of Wroclaw, Poland

Computer Science Degree - 1985 - 1986

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