Mario Bartholomew Sanguineti - Bio

One of my outstanding accomplishment has been my ability to take Technology Start-up Companies from “Start-up” stage to ‘Scale-Up” stage by driving the product, vision, and team to a profitable ongoing organization.  

Mario B. Sangueneti



Chief Technical Officer

BlaqClouds is a provider of SaaS applications and it's core service is SafeStreets Global Online Communities. 

Chief Technical Officer

Building the REVAstaff Tech Platform and IT Infrastructure and team for REVAstaff Company with over 2000 USA clients. Client Web Portal, Job Queue, Automatic Single
Property Website Generation, Auto Real Estate Listing Generation and REVAstaff Outsourcing Workers Web Portal, Software to manage remote outsourced Staff etc 


Direct Path to Self-Realization
Meditation Coaching/Classes
CEO , Founder and Meditation Teacher
Monthly Online International Meditation Classes and 1-1 Coaching
with a online following. 


Valhalla Online Services Incorporated
Chief Technical Partner

Technical partner responsible for overseeing successful offshore teams for client partnerships.
Advise and oversee technical hiring, on-boarding, workflow integration and team learning for key client teams’ and co-create ongoing learning and development programs for engineer teams.
Support culture crafting via mentoring and coaching of technical team. 


Minks InSync
CEO and Founder

Successful Software Consulting Technical Company to take start-ups from
“Start-up” to “Scale-up” 


iYoganic e-Commerce Store
Store Owner and e-Commerce Consultant

Successful online store for Yoga and Meditation and Beauty Products 


Asteroid Australia CTO
Chief Technical Officer

Blocklaims™ Affiliate Program Web Portal
and Preparation of ASTRCoin for CoinsMarketcap
Invested heavily in ASTRCoin, Waiting for Coin Listing!
Focus to Launch Phase one BlockClaim™ protocol adoption via telecom, webapp, and web platforms. Assist in the registration of Crypto ASTRCoin on CoinmarketCap and overseeing all technical aspects of whole suite of related Products currently in development and deployed. 


CTO and Business Development Director for CardFriends is a later stage poker club-based game app and early stage market-ready prototype product initially produced by Appstone Tech. Focus to take the Mobile App, Google and Apple to the international market, an Manage team of 8 staff to bring both technical and business aspects of product to market ready. 


PM Lucas Enterprises
Head of Software Development for

Define, create, and specify the PM Lucas Digital Oil Field Vision by liaising with key stakeholders and all senior managers and provide consultancy and advice on framework and project plan to set up a Software Development team under PM Lucas Enterprises and best practice for software development teams around the Agile SLDC approach. 


Chief Software Engineer/Team Leader 
ContentKeeper Technologies

Author, Developer and Team Leader of The ContentKeeper
Suite of Internet Security Software for a Single Solution in Web Filtering, Mobile Security and Integrated Reporting.  


Project Team Leader and Senior Software Engineer

Product Developer and Solution’s for Government Departments, Australia
Security Systems and software for Government Departments. 


Chief Software Engineer/Team Leader

Lead Developer in the development of 3D solid Modelling CAD system for Steel Fabricators
and Structural Engineers for Steel Building and offshore Platforms. 

From ”Start-Up” to ”Scale-Up
Experienced and accomplished Business Analyst/Solution Architect, Cyber Security Expert, Software Product Developer, Product Manager, Team Leader with proven success designing and developing innovative new products and developing solutions to solve problems in fast-paced and competitive environments. Mario has the capacity to work with all clients, foster relationships, and liaise with senior executives, Business Partners, Founders, Technical Teams, and people at all levels to develop functional strategies and plans and provide specialist advice on business development, concept design, and direction of new strategic ventures.

Success includes technical team leadership to deliver major organizational change, complex transformation, and commercial software development projects from inception through to go-to-market.

Mario has over 30 years’ experience in IT Projects, with quality and best practice focused with a passion for building lasting and creative solutions. Extensive system and user interface design skills complemented by strong technical ability across diverse areas including e-commerce, mobile/desktop applications, client-server applications in gateway devices and complex Cloud-based transactional solutions. Full-stack software engineer with extensive experience in developing Software Product Solutions across multiple platforms and devices.

Proven success preparing conceptual/logical architectures, system documents, business strategies and business cases, pre-sales presentations, and other project artifacts for successful delivery major projects. Mario’s vision has always about inspiring people, challenging people, training, knowledge sharing and bringing people of all backgrounds with their skills together to accomplish the mission, generate results and fulfil dreams and desires of all those involved.

One of Mario’s outstanding accomplishment has been his ability to take Technology Start-up Companies from “Start-up” stage to ‘Scale-Up” stage by driving the product, vision, and team to a profitable ongoing organization.

Outside of IT Technology, Mario studies Non-Dualism, Consciousness , Biocentrism and Meditation practices with the focus of exploring the science of “Being aware of being aware”. These concepts learnt here help individuals, and organizations achieve their full potential. 


University of Sydney

Master of Computer Studies - 

University of New South Wales

Bachelor of Science - Honours – 1st Class - 

RECENT COURSES and TRAINING - Blockchain Technology Courses

Building an Ethereum Blockchain network on a Permissions Network

Emotional Intelligence - InSync Institute

Refresher courses - Agile, Scrum and Project Management Course and Conferences

eXtreme Programming (XP) Practices 

Management Coaching - InSync Institute

Conflict Management - InSync Institute

Personal Relationships Skills - InSync Institute

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