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"It's a long, long, expensive road as a non USA resident to try and purchase a public company and do a reverse merger on your own"

We have completed a full NASDAQ Listing and a full OTC Markets listing for our own public offerings.  We are speaking from experience when we make statements like the above!  - It will take you years to get through the red tape and the endless N.Y. gurus that promise your the world while they empty your pockets. - We learned the hard way! - You don't have to.
We have the entire process mapped out with all the right source providers and government compliance contacts to save you more time than you could imagine and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

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Mapping the entire Listing process for all service providers, documents, compliance and the other hundreds of events is a logistics nightmare when you are starting out on your own.

The best advice we can give you! - Don't Do It!

Let Us save you time & money...

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  1. Consult with one of our team and discuss your business needs.  We will invest our time 'obligation free' to establish a synergy between your group and ours.
  2. Contract us! - Start a professional 'powerhouse' relationship with BlaqBusiness and together we can scale up and help you achieve your milestones.
  3. Collaborate is the key - Working together as a team with clear transparency is a must today.  We bring all the latest tools for us to work remotely and keep our projects on track.

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